Preventative Dental Care/
Dental Cleaning Procedures

An incredibly important part of your pet’s health is their teeth and mouth. If diseased it can affect every other part of your pet’s body. Bacteria in the mouth can be a terrible source of infection. It can then enter the bloodstream, and spread to other parts of the body, causing harm to the heart and other vital organs. After careful examination, your veterinarian may decide that your animal needs special pet dental care beyond the usual brushing or cleaning aids. Often a pet will need a professional dental scaling and polishing similar to what we have done at our own dentist visits, to remove the buildup of tartar and reduce gingivitis that occurs over time.

Occasionally, extractions are also necessary to optimize your pet’s oral health, and to remove a potential source of pain or infection. Extracting teeth can seem like a scary thing, but we promise that it in pet’s best interest and will greatly help them in the future. Also, now that we have dental x-ray capabilities we will be able to access the tooth’s health below the gum line. This is a wonderful new technology that will allow us and you as an owner to know your pet’s problem areas in the month and find way to keep them healthy.

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